Ocea Drill-Free Wall Mount System


Install the Ocea without drilling! Easy to install, very strong installation. Available for all Ocea sizes (larger pads for the Ocea 320/400/500.

A template is included so that you know exactly where to mount the pads. Installation takes around 10 minutes.

Comes complete with 8 additional 3M pad for easy relocation.

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Don’t want to drill a hole in the wall? Ocea unique Drill-Free wall mount system
Ocea now offers a great way to install your bathroom TV without having to drill the wall. With the use of special hangers in combination with the 3M adhesive pads, you can now install the Ocea to the wall securely. Each hook is designed tol 45LBS/20KG and for the larger Oceas we have larger hooks that are designed to hold 65LBS/30KG each.


Additional information

Select the Ocea size

P50 (for Ocea 180-220-280), P70 (for Ocea 320-400-500) +$20.00