CabiTV CT 200


Mouthwatering Picture Quality in your kitchen!

  • Made to measure to fit in every cabinet. Many customization options.
  • Use it like a regular cabinet door
  • Only 1.9″ deep.
  • HD picture quality,
  • Safe 12 volt
  • Customize it to fit the rest of the kitchen
  • When the TV is turned off, the front mirrors
  • Multifunctional CabiTV remote control. (Optional)

For more information about CabiTV, please click here.

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Customize it to make it match Choose the Handle

Order with the stainless steel handle, without a handle, or use your own handle. We’ll make it for you.

Choose the Side Trim

The CT-200 is available with a white, black and brushed stainless steel side trim

The Worry Free Remote Control

CabiTV comes with a worry-free remote controller and 2 holders that can be attached to the wall or the kitchen cabinet with suction cups.
Can control up to 4 different devices.
And it’s waterproof so if the kids make a little mess in the kitchen, the remote control can simply be rinsed to clean.